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3 September 30, 2015

Articles and Statements

1. Pavel N. Biriukov
On the Procedural Costs in Criminal Proceeding of the Czech Republic and the Swiss

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 3, pp. 82-87.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2015.5.82CrossRef

This article brings to light the procedural costs (legal expenses) in accordance to the Criminal Procedure Code of the Czech Republic and the Swiss. The author provides a number of norms which regulate the legal expenses in sphere of criminal procedure in two States. The author analyzes the activity of Czech and Swiss judges, prosecutors, advocates and others subjects of criminal procedure. The obligations of States are investigated in detail. The author examines the rules for reimbursement of the defense, witnesses and experts, compensation expenses incurred for unjustified criminal prosecution.

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2. Rustam M. Khalafyan
On National Realization of International "Soft Law" Norms

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 3, pp. 88-102.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2015.5.88CrossRef

The interaction between international law and international "soft law" happens not only in international, but also in domestic relations. The article considers the basic ways of international "soft law" influences on domestic relations: direct (through the special references to it in legislation, treaties, judgements) and indirect (as secondary means to law) by the example of States in Europe, North America and some members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. International "soft law" is used, first of all, in judicial practice. It lets judges to give reasons for their decisions, construe and concretize a legal rule, etc. The conclusion is that the use of international "soft law" within national legal systems facilitates to the implementation of international law. Thereupon the necessity of further research on the topic is emphasized. Based on analysis of the state practices, the author raises the question about the international "soft law" as specific regulator of relations, including domestic relations.

URL: http://ejournal41.com/journals_n/1449147676.pdf
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3. Nikolay N. Nadezhin, Roman V. Khalin
Issue of Responsibility for Lacks of the Goods, Works or Services under US Legislation

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 3, pp. 103-109.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2015.5.103CrossRef

The article deals with the features of consumers’ legal protection in the US civil legislation. It results the system of civil-law methods of consumer’s protection which is presented by three basic concepts. Each of these theories takes the place in the system of protection methods of the consumers’ rights in the US law. Besides, the authors conduct distinction between concepts directed on protection of the consumers’ rights. The article also analyzes the problems of the rather-legal analysis with adjustment of corresponding relations in the US law that it can differ regional features of law system in each state.

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4. Nataliya Y. Tyurina
WTO Law and International Law: the Problem of Relationship

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 3, pp. 110-115.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2015.5.110CrossRef

The article concentrates on the provisions of Marrakesh Agreement, establishing the World Trade Organization, some other multilateral agreements and practical issues of dispute settlement in the WTO, which give understanding of the relationship between the WTO Law and International Law.

URL: http://ejournal41.com/journals_n/1449147804.pdf
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5. Ilia N. Zhdanov
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Finland

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 3, pp. 116-122.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2015.5.116CrossRef

The article deals with the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Finland. The author analyzes and gives a characteristic of the applicable national and international law in this area, in particular the Arbitration Act of 1992 and the New York Convention of 1958 are considered. Particular attention is given to the Finnish judicial practice in the field of recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, as well as problems of European Union law in terms of recognition and enforcement of European arbitral awards in the member states of the EU and Finland.

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