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Issued from 2014.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Irina Nainodina[Франция]Court-annexed and Contractual Mediation in France2015, December1196
2Roberto Rosas[США]The Development of Legal Rights in the American Legal System2016, June1097
3Anatoliy Pronin[Россия]Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Austria2014, September1087
4Aleksandr A. Sizov[Россия]Entry Into Force of the Judgment by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Czech Republic2015, March1083
5Hayk G. Malkhasyan[Армения]Distinguishing the Institutes of Fundamental Change of Circumstances and Impossibility of Performance in Republic of Armenia Civil Law2014, December1065
6Vladislav Borisov[Великобритания]Online Dispute Resolution under UK Legislation2015, June1013
7Vladimir M. Shumilov[Россия]Italian Doctrine of International Law in Comparison with the Russian Doctrine2015, December1003
8Olga G. Turchenko[Украина]To the Defenition «Information Security» under Ukrainian Law2015, March968
9Pavel N. Biriukov[Россия]To the Issue of Coercive Measures Applicable to Legal Persons in Latvia2015, March957
10Andrew J. Klyuchnikov[Россия]EU Financial Interests’ Protection in Polish Republic2015, March948

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