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1 September 03, 2014

Articles and Statements

1. Pavel N. Biriukov
Some Aspects of Legal Status of Japanese Companies without Share

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2014, Vol. (1), Is. 1, pp. 4-7.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2014.1.4CrossRef

The article deals with the legal status of Japanese companies without share. A number of national norms of Japan, which measured legal status and liability of such of legal persons is given. In particular, it analyzes the provisions of the Company Act, Commercial Code and others Japan's normative acts. The main attention is paid to the description of existing types of companies without share and to their competence and liability.

URL: http://ejournal41.com/journals_n/1433342398.pdf
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2. Pavel V. Dontsov
Implementation of the International Humanitarian Law in Canada

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2014, Vol. (1), Is. 1, pp. 8-11.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2014.1.8CrossRef

The author concluded in the research that Canada is using two implementation models while implementing international treaties: “transformational” and “adoptional”. In the sphere of human rights law Canada applies concept of the direct application of international law and also uses incorporation mechanism of multilateral conventions implementation. In both models used by Canada for implementation of multilateral treaties and agreements with international organizations Canada applies the following forms: “rapid implementation”, “direct implementation” and “direct usage of rule”.

URL: http://ejournal41.com/journals_n/1433342484.pdf
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3. Dmitriy V. Galushko
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Within the European Union (an Example of Ireland)

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2014, Vol. (1), Is. 1, pp. 12-18.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2014.1.12CrossRef

The article deals with analysis of main provisions of the EU law governing recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments with implementing measures of these rules in Ireland. The procedure for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Ireland made by judicial institutions from EU member states is also in the focus of the work.

URL: http://ejournal41.com/journals_n/1433342548.pdf
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4. Anastasiia S. Makarenko
Sentencing in Ukraine: Conceptual Issues

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2014, Vol. (1), Is. 1, pp. 19-25.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2014.1.19CrossRef

The article investigates the doctrine of criminal law and legislation in the field of the theory of penalties. The author analyzes the general principles of sentencing, and also the nature of the specific rules regarding to the problem of judicial discretion. In the article foreign legislation on ways of formalizing the rules of sentencing is considered. The attention is given to the issue of typical sanctions and the possibility of its establishing in the legislation of Ukraine. Here we propose the idea of optimizing the domestic mechanism of legal regulation on the deviant acts in society as the result of the prediction certain patterns of criminal law.

URL: http://ejournal41.com/journals_n/1433342638.pdf
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5. Anatoliy Pronin
Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Austria

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2014, Vol. (1), Is. 1, pp. 26-32.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2014.1.26CrossRef

Austria is the country which endowed European convention on human rights with the status of a constitutional act. By giving international treaty such a status Austrian law has received a variety of problems, both of theoretical and practical sense. Special focus in the paper is placed on the questions of the ECtHR decisions reception by the Austrian national law. Attention is also paid to the institutional cooperation between Austria and ECtHR and to the order of its decisions enforcement.

URL: http://ejournal41.com/journals_n/1433342706.pdf
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6. Nguyen Thi Thuy
Customs Service of Vietnam

Russian Journal of Comparative Law, 2014, Vol. (1), Is. 1, pp. 33-36.
DOI: 10.13187/rjcl.2014.1.33CrossRef

The article examines the Customs Service of Vietnam. This article discusses the problems of organizational structure General Department of Vietnam Customs; analyzes the basic law and regulations, management of the General Department of Customs; describes the central customs authorities and customs authorities at the local level in Vietnam.

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